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Dell Sherk dells@voicenet.com
Sat, 21 May 2005 11:46:00 PDT
>I guess that's how deer manage thorny things like roses, 


And don't forget holly - yuk!!!  I have grown to hate deer. I am strongly in
favor of giving them birth-control drugs. I regularly see a herd of 60 in
the field across the road. To add to the list of things that they will eat
under certain circumstances, I had them eat Eranthis this spring. I thought
it was called "aconite" because of its chemical similarity to Aconitum
(monkshood) which is quite poisonous. If so, some of the Borgia's victims
could perhaps have defended themselves by drinking deer enzymes. with which
I have had great success is Deer-Off, a concentrate of rotten eggs, garlic,
and hot peppers (but it doesn't smell)and some agent that makes it stick for
3-4 months in spite of rain. The down side: it's very expensive (>$100/gal =
makes 8 gallons of spray.)

I'd be happy to supplement my diet with free venison and not pay $25 for a
venison entree in a restaurant, but I could not shoot one.


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