Veltheimia bracteata vs. capensis

Douglas Westfall
Mon, 02 May 2005 13:04:40 PDT
piabaDoug Westfall piabinha@yahoo.com1111 Claiborne Dr. Long Beach, CA

> hi everybody,
> you recall that i had asked how to tell the diff.
> between these 2 species as the plant i received as
> capensis looks nothing like the pics in the wiki or
> elsewhere.  based on the emails i got back, i was
> inclined to believe i grow only bracteata.  however,
> the plant i have received as capensis seems to have
> much more ruffled, wavier leaves, so i think i'll
> leave the tags as they are.  what doesn't match is the
> fact that it is not deciduous, and leaves are green
> (not that dull capensis color), broad and not skinny.
> my bracteata looks exactly like this one:
> .jpg
> the one i have labeled as capensis has a bit wavier
> leaves.  
> tsuh yang
That is bracteata!

There is some variation among leaves. Check both the PBS wiki and the IBS
web site.


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