Growing Cybistetes etc.

Leo A. Martin
Fri, 20 May 2005 17:26:21 PDT
Thanks to all who replied.

With my weather conditions I haven't been able to keep most 
winter-rainfall bulb seedlings in active growth past their first spring. 
For example, we're expecting 110 F / 44C tomorrow.

After the seedlings go dormant I bring them into the house and put them 
in boxes in the closet for the 5-6 months of heat. The ones in 
decorative containers go on the shelves in plain view as though they 
were simply vases full of soil

I keep my Albuca spiralis in full view in the house. So far it has 
always been the first winter bulb to sprout and grow. I still don't 
resume watering the other bulbs until the nights are definitely cooling, 
but the A. spiralis reminds me to take them out of the closet.

Kevin - You might consider bringing your winter-growing Brunsvigia and 
Haemanthus indoors for the summer, and return them outside only when 
nights get good and cool in September or October. I've never been there, 
but lots of the western Cape areas right on the ocean must have high 
humidity at all times of the year, like San Diego. I grow Dudleyas here 
in Arizona. They are N American west coast relatives of Crassula. They 
are also winter-growing and summer-dormant. If I don't bring them into 
the house and withhold water during the hot 6 months of the year they die.

Leo A. Martin
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Some must watch while some must sleep-so runs the world away.

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