lwallpe@juno.com lwallpe@juno.com
Fri, 13 May 2005 19:48:39 PDT
Nancy -

Thanks for the advice!  It has been a cold wet spring here also.  My daffodils bloomed 3-4 weeks later than normal.

To answer your questions, they are in semi-shade, receiving sun for about 3 hours 11-2 PM and another hour at about 6 PM.  I don't think it's a nutrient problem.  They are planted with daffodils, so when and if I fertilize, I use something like 6-24-24 and occasionally throw fireplace ashes down on the beds.    

Patience may be the answer.
Linda Wallpe

<<From: "Gilbert Nancy L Contr 9 CES/CEC" <Nancy.Gilbert@beale.af.mil>....
 you could be over doing the nitrogen in your soil and or perhaps
be a bit low in potassium or other nutrients.
Are they planted in a shady or sunny location-this will influence
blooming and dates.>>

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