Garden blooms/New Gladiolus pictures on the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 31 May 2005 18:39:17 PDT

This is the time in my garden when the winter rainfall South African bulbs 
are winding down and my California bulbs have been or are starting to 
bloom. So there are some late blooming Gladiolus, a few Ixias, and the last 
of the Tritonias in bloom. I have a Moraea (Homeria) here and there still 
in bloom, but mostly I'm in the deadheading mode getting rid of the 
hundreds of seed pods I do not want spreading their seeds about my garden.

This seems to be an especially great year for the Calochortus I grow well 
and I'm really enjoying them. I'll add some pictures of them later along 
with more from my trip in April. I'm amazed at all the different insects I 
see in the middle of the Calochortus flowers. I can't figure out whether 
they are pollinating the flowers or eating them. Sometimes there are more 
than one in the flowers at the same time.

Blooming for the first time from seed in one of my raised beds is Gladiolus 
miniatus. We already have this species pictured in a very nice close-up 
from Dirk Wallace, Australia, but I added a few more photos to show the 
whole plant blooming with California bulbs in the same bed. My husband was 
teasing me about that orange Allium in the pot with the Allium tag, but it 
is an annual Ursinia that seeded itself in that pot and I didn't pull out.…

I also got confirmation from South Africa and John Manning courtesy of Alan 
Horstmann that the Gladiolus a number of us were growing perhaps from 
Kirstenbosch seed of Gladiolus huttonii are hybrids between it and 
Gladiolus tristis. I got a little carried away on the wiki by all the forms 
I added and think I should take some of them off, but am finding it hard 
which to choose to remove. I added 2 more pictures to the Gladiolus hybrid 
page. One was of Gladiolus cardinalis hybrid purchased from Telos that has 
been blooming for awhile and is so pretty. The other is of a white Glad 
that I've had in this garden from the beginning and is a reliable bloomer 
thriving with no attention at all and very little summer watering. I 
suppose that means it is on someone's weed list. Can anyone tell me if they 
think this is the Gladiolus known as Gladiolus ×colvillei 'Albus'? One of 
the reasons I added this picture was because I was enchanted with the white 
spider in the flower.…

Mary Sue 

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