Growing Cybistetes etc.

Kevin D. Preuss
Thu, 19 May 2005 18:18:34 PDT
My two plants are several years old an are still in full growth.   But then
again they never flower.  Probably too humid for summers.

I have lost all my Brusnvigia and haemanthus.  Maybe i can not get the
patterns down right or my climate just ain't conducive to these types of  SA

...On another note can anybody tell me how diverse Crinum maowanii is? Can
some plants produce up to 20 seeds/pod  with a dzen blooms or is just blooms
w/ few seeds most common?  One plant mislabled (USDA/Customs held these for
more than a year and then mixed up the stock...) seems to be a C. macowanii,
it has burgandy stripes on the tepals, whle most others are white w/ pinkish

Kevin D. Preuss
St. Pete, FL

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> Dear Leo and all,
> It is common wisdom,  I think, and it has worked for me, to grow amaryllid
> seedlings for 2 or more seasons before letting them go dormant. This
> up the strength/size needed to survive a dormancy. I think it also renders
> the hemisphere difference inconsequential. But I grow all amaryllids in
> containers here in Zone 6-7 and can control conditions - except for light.
> Regards,
> Dell
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