Cyrtanthus seedling problem

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 05 May 2005 08:59:06 PDT
Hi Leo,

We've talked about this issue before. In this post:…
I tell about my lack of success with flotation and better results with 
direct seeding and give a reference to a complete explanation by Lee 
Poulsen of how he handles the transplanting with flotation.

This fall I got Cyrtanthus seed from Rhoda and Cameron. I sowed seed on top 
of moist mix with sand sprinkled on top with the seed planted sideways and 
slightly out of the soil. I covered the pot with plastic and left if in our 
spare bathroom. Cameron wrote that the seed was old, but he thought it 
would still be viable. He gave me an extra generous amount. Two pots had 
nice strong green shoots in about 3 weeks, another took about a month, and 
the fourth pot did not germinate at all. The ones that germinated are all 
doing just fine. I was able to share the excess seed with another 
Cyrtanthus enthusiast and started another batch of the species that 
germinated less well since I wanted more of it and I have a few more 
seedlings from the second attempt. This time it was only three weeks before 
I could see little green bulbs had formed. Our house is relatively cool by 
most standards in winter and the light levels in that room depend on how 
much sun we have. We have the heater on for two or three hours in the 
morning and in the evening if it is cool. We turn it off at night. Probably 
the temperature in that room is about 65 degrees and often into the 50 ties 
at night. I did not use lights.

I hope this helps.

Mary Sue

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