mouldy Iris winogradowii

John Lonsdale
Fri, 27 May 2005 08:04:35 PDT
Iris winogradowii is a royal pain to grow!  It is an 
alpine bulb and needs as cool as summer as possible 
without drying out much.  Those sorts of bulbs don't like 
our eastern US summers, with attendant heat and humidity. 
 I have it in a couple of spots and two of the bulbs 
flowered again this spring, to my surprise.  They are in a 
bed with Trillium, Sanguinaria, Corydalis of the solida 
section, Frit. camschatcensis - things that want a cooler, 
dryer summer but not drought.  The bed is in reasonable 
shade and in winter freezes solid - cold and ice is no 

I hate to be the merchant of doom but I doubt you'll ever 
see this one above (or below) ground again.

Good luck.


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