Lilly seeds and bulbs

Jane McGary
Fri, 13 May 2005 15:58:21 PDT
Arnold asked,
>I can't tell you where I read it but it seems lilies are strictly ( 
>naturally occurring)  a northern hemisphere genus.   I would also be 
>interested in how close to the equator lilies  occur naturally.

True, the genus is restricted to the Northern Hemisphere. I believe the 
most wild population closest to the Equator is L. wallichianum var. 
neilgherrense, which is reported to grow in southern India near 10 degrees 
north latitude. However, it grows at 1830 to 2600 meters elevation in the 
Nilgiri Hills, so like the southern California species, it's probably 
accustomed at least to cool nights.

Jane McGary

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