Hardy Rain Lilies

jyourch@nc.rr.com jyourch@nc.rr.com
Wed, 04 May 2005 07:09:55 PDT
Hi All,

We are well into spring here in central North Carolina and I have been 
surprised by all the rain lilies left outdoors for hardiness testing 
last winter.
Everything survived, including all of the seedlings I grew from direct 
PBS BX distributions last year.  It was not a particularly cold winter 
here, but we
did fall below 10F (-12C) a few nights.  Biggest surprise for me was Z. 
rosea, which
I thought to be too tender to survive our winters here.  Below is the 
list of rain
lilies which survived the 2004/2005 winter here in my garden in central 
North Carolina
(Zone 7b).  If there is interest I can do the same for the Crinum and 
Hymenocallis in
my collection.

Happy Gardening,


Zephyranthes 'Apricot Queen'
Z. 'Aquarius'
Z. atamasco
Z. 'Big Dude'
Z. candida
Z. 'Capricorn'
Z. citrina
Z. 'Cookie Cutter Moon'
Z. drummondii
Z. 'El Cielo'
Z. grandiflora
Z. 'Grandjax'
Z. insularum
Z. 'Joann Trial'
Z. labuffarosea
Z. lindleyana
Z. macrosiphon 'Hidalgo form'
Z. morrisclintii
Z. nymphea
Z. 'Paul Niemi'
Z. 'Peachy'
Z. 'Prarie Sunset'
Z. primulina
Z. reginae
Z. rosea
Z. 'Ruth Page'
Z. Sunset seed strain
Z.'Tenexico Apricot'
Z. traubii
Z. verecunda

Habranthus brachyandrus
H. x floryi 'Green base'
H. x floryi 'Purple base'
H. gracilifolius
H. martinezii
H. robustus
H. robustus 'Russell Manning'
H. tubispathus rosea

x Zephybranthes 'Norma Pearl' (Habranthus robustus x Z. labuffarosea)

Rain lilies that will be tested in the garden this year:
Z. 'Ajax'
Z. 'Itsy Bitsy'
Z. 'Redneck Romance'
Z. simpsonii
Z. 'Bangkok Yellow'

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