Hippeastrum intiflorum x Hipp. cybister seeds

James Frelichowski thisisnotgonnawork@yahoo.com
Mon, 16 May 2005 19:07:51 PDT
I am.
James Frelichowski
I found that water floating works best provided you step them up to vermiculite, then soil.  Or just put them into light soil and wait longer for the leaves to appear.  IF you have a closed pod, someone can surface sterilize it and then open them in a sterile hood and put them on tissue culture media.

Douglas Westfall <eagle85@flash.net> wrote:
I'm looking for a party who is "expert" at germinating Hippeastrum seeds.
These are H. intiflorum crossed to H. cybister. I'm certain that there are
none out there since H. intiflorum seems to be rather "rare."

Is anyone here in the U.S. interest in this "cross"?

Doug Westfall

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