Cyrtanthus seedling problem

Leo A. Martin
Wed, 04 May 2005 20:03:28 PDT
Hello All,

I have sprouted various Cyrtanthus species seed many times in different 
seasons with the water-float method but have never had them survive more 
than a week or so after planting into pots.

I wait until there is a definite root and the first leaf is well visible 
and green. I have tried potting into an organic-rich mixture with the 
soil level at the root-bulb junction and the bulb-leaf junction. I have 
also tried potting into a half-inch layer of sand on top of an 
organic-rich mixture at both planting depths. I prepared the pots, made 
a slit in the potting medium with a knife or label, and then eased the 
seedlings into the slits. I then sprayed water to wash the soil back 
around the seedlings.

I then kept the seedling pots in bright shade and didn't let them dry 
out. The seedlings always withered and died quickly.

Any suggestions of what else to try?

Thank you,

Leo A. Martin
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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