fragrant daffodils
Sat, 21 May 2005 20:42:58 PDT
Jim -

The other 'Matador' x N. jonquilla crosses that I know of are 'Sparkling Tarts', 'Hoopoe' and 'Motmot' by Grant Mitsch and 'Explosion' by Bill Pannill.  Dave may know of others.

Other fragrant daffodils that I enjoy are:

Div. 2     'Fragrant Rose'
           'Arctic Char'
Div. 4     'Independence Day'
Div. 7     'Sweetness'
           'Fertile Crescent'
Div. 8     'Sir Winston Churchill' (heavenly citrus fragrance)
Div. 11    'Mondragon'

Linda Wallpe
in Cincinnati
patiently waiting on dichelostemma 


From: "Jim McKenney" <>

Dave Karnstedt wrote:" 'Falconet' is one of a series of Division 8 (Tazetta)
hybrids bred by the famous Oregon hybridizer, Grant Mitsch.  They resulted
from a cross between 'Matador' x N. jonquilla.  One of their features is
that they combine the wonderful fragrance of tazettas with that of jonquil."

Dave, fragrance is the main criterion which gets a plant into my garden. Can
you give the cultivar names for some others in this series notable for

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