About Cyrtanthus.

Jonathan jonathan@terraviva.agr.br
Tue, 31 May 2005 09:40:04 PDT
Dear Bill Dijk,

My name is Jonathan Alex Wigman. I live in Holambra, a little city near São Paulo, from Brazil Cuntry, and hier, we produce a lot of kind of flowers.
I work in a farm that calls Terra Viva, and my setor is flower bulbs. We produce best amaryllis, but now i´m making test to try to produce another kind of bulbs, and these days came one conteiner from South Africa ,with some kind of bulbs.
I wanna question you, if you have some information about cultivation from Cyrthantus Brachysciphus, C. Mackineii yelloow, C. mackeneii pink, C. makeneii mixed, C. contractus, C. Breviflorus, C. lipstick and C. veld fire. I wanna know something about time of planting (winter, summer, spring, autun), quantity of light, quantity of water.
I´ve recived too bulbs from Boophane Distichya, Agapanthus, Littonia Modesta, Ascencion Lily. Do you know something about these species too?
I´ve hope that you can help me, and i want to thank from now.
Best wishes

Jonathan Alex Wigman

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