California Bulbs blooming on Hite Cove Trail

Lee Poulsen
Tue, 10 May 2005 11:08:00 PDT
Mary Sue,

I know you set up a temporary place on the wiki for photos of the 
deserts in this unusually rainy year to let people around the world see 
what it looks like. I have photos from two other trips I'm still 
planning on posting there.

But I'm wondering if you could expand the definition slightly of that 
temporary page to include photos from your latest trips since they also 
seem to be a fantastic result of the unusual amount of rain in this 
part of the country this year. From people's comments about your 
explicitly bulb-related photos, I think there would be some interest in 
seeing them. (I know I would love to see more than just your bulb 
pictures from these trips!)

Compared to some of the other plant related lists I'm on, bulbophiliacs 
seem to be disproportionately interested and knowledgeable about all 
types of flowering plants it seems.


On May 9, 2005, at 11:11 PM, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:
> There were many other wonderful flowers ... But these plants are off 
> topic as our forum is about bulbs and there were were three that were 
> evident all along the trail.
> I hope you all enjoy seeing some of California's treasures in the 
> wild. I'll be adding more as I have time.
> Mary Sue

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