Fritillaria biflora "grayana"
Thu, 12 May 2005 20:35:07 PDT
Jane McGary wrote:

>ANSWER: Mark, either I or you mixed up the bulbs and 
>labels. Your photos are not of F. biflora or indeed of any 
>California fritillaria at all, but appear to be something in 
>the Fritillaria thessala line. Sorry, if it was my mistake!

Hi Jane et al,

In the past 5-6 years, I've used extra measures to label plants.  All plants, 
particularly bulbs, get labelled with the original label + 2 of my own labels 
both in front of and in back of the bulb grouping.  Bulbs from you were 
planted out in a new "tree ring", a 5' circle around a tree, where I underplant 
with choice bulbs.  The only Frits in this area, I grow from your material.... 
both labels indicate Fritillaria biflora "grayana" 10 bulbs, 2002  (indeed there 
are 10 plants growing); growing next to it are Frit. crassifolia kurdica 
(also 10 bulbs) which flowers beautifully and is pictured on my web pages, and F. 
bythinica (3 bulbs, planted 2003), and a number of Crocus species.  Long and 
short of it, in this case, I don't think I mixed up anything... the bulbs are 
planted and labelled as they came in the shipment.  So, if these are a F. 
thessala form, they are nice and I'm happy to have them... I'd just like to apply 
the correct name to them.  At the very least, I now know that they are 
definitely not a Frit. biflora form, which I'm glad to be aware of.


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