Hippeastrum ID again

Angelo Porcelli ang.por@alice.it
Tue, 31 May 2005 08:50:37 PDT
Last year a friend brought back some Hippeastrum bulbs he found in his holidays in Mexico (Yucatan) and I got one. Now this year it has flowerd and I was very curious to see how it looked like. With a bit of disappointing, it is just the very same plant I found years ago around here
I suspect it is a pure species, because of its small size of the flowers, which are 12-14cm across, usually 2 or rarely 3 per scape. Anthers are purple before opening and it has no scent at all and there's a well visible red 'eye' at the base of tepals. It set seeds on its own and germinates easily too.
I would guess it was a puniceum, but all the photos I see are more orange than mine. Any idea?

best regards
Angelo Porcelli

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