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Osmani Baullosa osmani_baullosa@yahoo.com
Wed, 04 May 2005 09:06:47 PDT
A friend of mine grows Daphne and the flowers smell really nice. Hope your Pelargonium, John, be not so poisonous as Daphne odorata ;-)
Thanks for telling us about your plants in bloom... 

Floral Architecture <floralartistry2000@yahoo.com> wrote:
I am lucky to have a few little treasures in bloom right now. 
I have Pelargonium radulifolia in bloom at the moment. I brought it home from the garden last night. As any good gardener, I stuck it up to my nose, just to see what I could smell. WELLLLL! It is so sweetly fragrant. My friend and I were trying to figure out the smell. Does anyone else have this plant blooming and know what it smells like? I know there is another plant that smells like it but I can't put my finger on it. I want to say it's a Daphne or Viburnum but I'm not quite sure. There is no fragrance this morning so it must be a nocturnal scenter. 
I also have 2 year old seedlings of Ornithagalum dubium, yellow form blooming. Only two bulbs put out blooms and one got munched by snails so now it is down to one but that little trooper not only is in bloom, it has 2 spikes coming out of the bulbs. At 2 years old. Is this normal? I want to say that I sowed the seed in the summer of '03. 
It is done blooming now but Leucocoryne (I think from Mary sue) bloomed a few weeks ago. I love the colors on these plants. Really nice. I will hope that the seeds that are starting will provide me a lot of little babies. 
I have Gladiolus angustus in bloom right now. I've been too busy but I want to get out there and pollinate it. I did get some photos so I can post them on the wiki soon. If I can figure it out. 
There is a spike forming on my TX Crinum herbertii x self from Joe. Nice long silver leaves are a plus to this little treasure. The flowers look really dark too. I noticed that the stamen is poked out the top of the bud and it doesn't look like it will open for a few more days. 
I also have seen some nice growth on my Aristea major pink form since I have transplanted them into larger pots and have kept them much more watered. I hope to get them going. The same it true for the one remaining blue form that I have. I did get a photo of the one in the ground at my landlady's place. It is nearly 3' tall and my pot grown seedling is only 8" tall. I guess watering is everything. 
I have had a lot of blooms on a lot of my Sinningias. S. douglasii red form has come and gone, the macropodas are done, and the leucotricha x irarae is done. But I still have blooms on an open pollination cardinalis (a great combo of peach and burgundy) and blooms coming on all my sellovii, irarae, macrostaycha, sellovii x tubiflora, and so many more. The S. tubiflora are just starting to emerge. I really need to fertilize them. I have hopes of getting some nice cuttings to root of my aggregata yellow. 
Well, now that this email has taken me two mornings to complete, I have gone back and sniffed Pelargonium a few hundred more times. I am pretty sure it is Daphne fragrance. Any thoughts? Anyone growing Daphne? 
OT: I have some nice variegated Rhodeas that are flowering, anyone know how to pollinate them? Tony? Does anyone know if there is a Rhodea group out there in the US? I've got a couple that are really nice but I want to get a few more. Oh, and they are hardy on MI so I think they should do Ok in OH at my uncle's house. 

John Ingram in L.A., CA. 
http://www.floralarchitecture.com/ check it out 
310.709.1613 (cell, west coast time, please call accordingly. Thank you)
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