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>6. Narcissus 'Spoirot' (10w-w). These also from Dave Karn.
>Excellent increaser. Should bloom next year.


I am fairly sure that 'Spoirot' is in fact of Australian breeding, not Dave 
Karn in the US.  Commercial name of the breeder is Glenbrook I think 
(Tasmania), but I have forgotten the "person" name of the breeder. 
<grin>  Might be worthwhile checking this if you want to pass it on.

I just thought I would mention that the Dave Karn reference might be 
worthwhile checking.  I know that 'Falconet' has been grown in the UK for a 
while, but I don't know whether that means it was a UK breeder, or whether 
it went there from the US?


Paul T. 

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