Blockbusting BX 89

Alberto Castillo
Wed, 11 May 2005 10:26:27 PDT

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>Subject: [pbs] Blockbusting BX 89
>Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 06:11:40 -0400
>Dear BX Supporters,
>I was away from the computer all day, and, as in the story about the stone
>that made endless amounts of soup, your orders poured in. ( I hope that
>members who have extra bulbs when they divide and repot will see from this
>example that BULBS are the most desirable commodities on this exchange.
>Please be generous!! And take the extra time and labor to donate bulbs as
>well as seed. Remember,  you will be reimbursed for your postage through
>credit in the BX.)
>There are far more orders than I have bulbs to fill. I will do my best to
>fill the earliest orders. After the tenth order, I think there will not be
>much to be had.
>I will not reply to all of your orders; there are too many (almost 40).
>Best wishes,
Hi Dell:
From this BX I would like the story about the stone that produced 
soup(!?!?!?!?!?). Is there a site in the web telling this story?

Instead it reminds me when Mickey Mouse flooded the wizard's castle with 
pouring water.

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