Cybistetes - let them stay up late?

Leo A. Martin
Wed, 18 May 2005 21:13:08 PDT

Almost all my S African winter-rainfall bulb seedlings have gone 
dormant. But not Cybistetes longifolius, which looks just as happy as it 
did in January. I've continued to water since they're bright green. 
These are from Silvehill seed I received last spring. I planted them on 
arrival even though my seasons were 6 months off, and kept them through 
the summer in the coolest part of my house. Then last fall I put them 

It is definitely summer here, with day temperatures well over 100 F and 
nights in the 60s. Soon the nights will start warming up as well.

Should I keep watering the Cybistetes and keep them outside, or stop 
watering to force dormancy? Or should I bring them into the house again 
and keep them growing in a cooler area as long as possible?


Leo A. Martin
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Some must watch while some must sleep-so runs the world away.

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