Hippeastrum Cybister Potting Mix

Marie-Paule marie-paule.opdenakker@pandora.be
Sun, 29 May 2005 03:00:23 PDT
I saw the word pamianthe in your text,my question is now,how many times must
I water pamianthe?once a week once every 2 weeks,the summers are not so  hot
in Belgium.The winters last long.It starts in October and finishes in
March.And how many degrees can have the pamianthe in winter?apology for a
lot of questions of me,but I am really a beginner in looking after so many
splendid bulbs,You speak all from so much experience,but for me it is a
source of good information.
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> >I have been growing my cybister seedlings very much on the dry side in a
> >very gritty mix with silty soil. They are dormant for three quarters of
> >year, and, after three or more years, are still very small. After this
> >discussion, I think I will repot them into another sharply draining
> >keep them active for longer, and feed them more. At present, they grow in
> >communal long-tom pot. Did I miss anything?
> >I am also wondering about growing H. calyptratum, which is said to be
> >epiphytic like H. cybister isn't, I guess.
> >
> >Dell
> >
> Hi:
>    Aulicum, calyptratum, Pamianthe and Worsleya are better grown on a
> of porous mix in a big tray. Calytratum IS an epiphytic in the wild and
> although the atmosphere is humid to allow the roots to survive in the air
> this also means that they receive an important air circulation around. As
> for vermiculite it is deceiving: after several waterings the little chunks
> start crumbling down and turn to an unhealthy dust that retains dangerous
> amounts of water. Coarse perlite and coarse pumice are a lot better.
> As for cybister, soils in the wild are alkaline and rich in microelements
> with little organic matter, typical of a desertic region. If the mix is
> drained there is no danger of watering regularly while the plants are
> during the warm season. More important is that they are not watered at all
> while dormant.
> Regards
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