New Cyrtanthus pictures

Bill Dijk
Mon, 16 May 2005 22:59:55 PDT
Dear Mary Sue,

I'd like to reply to Mary Sue's query, regarding information and
verification of the two Cyrtanthus species mentioned below, since I was
responsible for downloading the picture on the wiki, which info I should
have supplied long ago.
Originally the so called Cyrtanthus capensis plant was given to me by Jim
Forrest by that name, and with no other information available for the genus
Cyrtanthus at that time,  never thought much more about it.
In hindsight and after some research and reading more about the Cyrtanthus
CYRTANTHUS" by C.Reid and R.Allen Dyer, (recently acquired)
I have doubts about the name of this plant on the wiki.
I can't find any information about C. capensis either, even in the review,
although Michael Vassar mentioned C.capense in the IBS gallery and Traub
(1972) mentioned C.capense as a sub for C. speciosus.
I have come to the conclusion that the picture  in the wiki under that name
is most likely a hybrid of the many C.eucallus crosses Jim Forrest made,
and a beautiful colour and texture it turned out.
The Cyrtanthus glaucophyllus is really a more robust and larger colour
variation form of Cyrtanthus sanguineus, sometimes called
Cyrt.sang.var.glaucophyllus, acquired from another South African collector
Jim a long time ago.
I have never ever come across this vigorous and exquisite plant before,
which is easy to grow and all our plants have come true from seed.
Anyway, I will add info for Cyrt.sang.var.glaucophyllus and replace the
Cyrtanthus capensis by that name (in the image) with the correct title/name.
Tomorrow I will reply to Mary Sue's question about the delightful, but
delicate Tropaeolum species, especially the charming species T. azureum, of
which I have been reasonably successful in raising and growing from seed.
It has been a very busy and sometimes frustrating mail-order season and just
finished planting all the bulbs again, which seem to get harder every 

Still alive and kicking

Bill Dijk

PS: please note the change of email address.


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>> Hi All,
>> There are a lot of new Cyrtanthus pictures on the wiki. Cameron McMaster
>> sent me some new ones of winter rainfall species, including some rare
>> ones
>> and I added pictures of some of the summer rainfall species from the
>> Eastern Cape that he had on his CD including the one that is named after
>> him. There are too many to list. Just look for pictures from Cameron to
>> find the new ones. Also can anyone verify the names used by Bill Dijk for
>> a couple of his pictures and if so supply some information about them:
>> Cyrtanthus capensis
>> Cyrtanthus glaucophyllus
>> Paul, are you out there?
>> Between Cameron and Bill we now have a lot of good information and
>> pictures of this genus on the wiki.
>> Mary Sue
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