The Great White North

Jim McKenney
Thu, 05 May 2005 05:59:37 PDT
Greetings from the sunny and warmer south, Rand. It's now main season for
Trillium here in Maryland, USA. Podophyllum peltatum is in bloom,
Sanguinaria long gone, and the yellow lady's slipper, Cypripedium
parviflorum, is just starting to bloom. Toads are spawning for the second
time. Most of the summer birds are back: a catbird greeted me in the garden
this morning, and the trees are full of warblers; and hummingbirds, orioles,
tanagers, vireos and all the rest are being reported from the area. I think
I heard a cuckoo yesterday. And I've got my eyes peeled for an Ivory 
Billed Woodpecker.  : )

Iris 'Dardanus' has six budded scapes this year - and the first flower
should open this week. Iris cristata is blooming now. Frits are about over
for this year.  

Let us know when things start to pop up there in New Brunswick. 

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where we are enjoying a very
cool but very lovely spring. 

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