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Hello Dell ~

While my email address is DaveKarn, my genuine, real assigned name is Dave
Karnstedt!  Thanks for the "noted hybridizer" compliment!  Actually, I have
done very little miniature hybridizing as fertile froms are difficult to
find.  Most of those in existence have resulted from 2n species x 4n hybrid
crosses and are triploid and, thus, infertile.  Thus, my major breeding
efforts have been concentrated within what are known as "standard"

Incidentally, 'Elvira' is a tazetta type and is, technically, 8W-YYO.
(Jonquils are technically in RHS Division 7.)  'Elvira' is the form from
which the far better known 'Cheerfulness' originally sported.  Either of
them are good growers producing lots of flowers.

Dave Karnstedt
Silverton, OR

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