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> The other 'Matador' x N. jonquilla crosses that I know of are 'Sparkling 
> Tarts,' 'Hoopoe' and 'Motmot' by Grant Mitsch and 'Explosion' by Bill Pannill.  
> Dave may know of others.

One you missed is 'Radiant Gem.'  This has the deepest coloring of that 
group.  There are a number of others from similar crosses made by other breeders, 
e.g., Harry Tuggle (of Martinsville, VA) produced seed that was sent to England 
where 'Martinette' was subsequently selected and named.

> Other fragrant daffodils that I enjoy are:
> Div. 2    'Fragrant Rose, ' Arctic Char'
> Div. 4    'Independence Day'
> Div. 7    'Sweetness,' 'Fertile Crescent'
> Div. 8    'Sir Winston Churchill' (heavenly citrus fragrance)
> Div. 11   'Mondragon'

I think, too, that many Division 7 hybrids have more or less fragrance, 
particularly, the first generation hybrids.  Fragrance, of course, is dependent not 
only on genetics, but humidity, time of day and lack of drying winds.

I'd agree with Linda's list ('Fragrant Rose' is my favorite daffodil as it 
has good show form and coloring, along with good substance and texture.  Plus, 
it has that wonderful tea rose fragrance!  Some people (for whatever reason, it 
seems to be males, I've been told) are unable to detect it.  One of my 
favorite daffodil memories was of the time one spring when I was just sitting in the 
patch late in the evening while this wonderful fragrance was being wafted 
about on the currents cool evening air.

My advice would be to buy lots of 'Fragrant Rose' and plant it near where you 
might be sitting on that cool spring evening just admiring the garden . . . 

Dave Karnstedt
Cascade Daffodils
Silverton, Oregon, USA
Mediterranean climate cool and wet in Winter and hot and dry in Summer . . . 
USDA Z 7-8

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