Blockbusting BX 89

Dell Sherk
Wed, 11 May 2005 03:11:40 PDT
Dear BX Supporters,

I was away from the computer all day, and, as in the story about the stone
that made endless amounts of soup, your orders poured in. ( I hope that
members who have extra bulbs when they divide and repot will see from this
example that BULBS are the most desirable commodities on this exchange.
Please be generous!! And take the extra time and labor to donate bulbs as
well as seed. Remember,  you will be reimbursed for your postage through
credit in the BX.)

There are far more orders than I have bulbs to fill. I will do my best to
fill the earliest orders. After the tenth order, I think there will not be
much to be had.

I will not reply to all of your orders; there are too many (almost 40).

Best wishes,

--Dell Sherk, Director, Pacific BX

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