Sisyrinchium macrocarpum

James W. Waddick
Fri, 18 Nov 2005 11:12:58 PST
Dear All;
	This spring on a visit to the gorgeous Denver Botanic Garden, 
I saw plants of Sisyrinchium macrocarpum growing like they were 
perennials. Usually yellow flowered S. American Sisyrinchium are 
totally tender for me in Zone 5. Panayoti K. confirmed they were 
reliably hardy and pointed me to a Denver Nursery where I bought a 
couple and then planted them outdoors.
	Even after our recent 19 degree overnight low, they look OK.

	Anyone else have experience with Sisyrinchium macrocarpum in 
a colder climate and any comments on hardiness in general?

	The PBS wiki has a picture growing in Harry Hays' garden at:…

		Thanks	Jim W.

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Zone 5 Record low -23F
	Summer 100F +

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