Crocus oreocreticus and other bulbs on Crete

julia feise
Wed, 02 Nov 2005 22:38:24 PST
Thanks, Jane, for the information - Greek friends we have spoken to here 
have told us that the saffron from C. oreocreticus is poisonous, as is the 
whole flower.  Goats certainly seem to irgnore it here.  I was so devastated 
by the sight of the ploughed field, so your info has cheered me up a lot.  
It seems that once ploughed, nothing was done with the field - no crop seems 
to have been sown - so maybe the farmer lost interest.  We will certainly 
collect some seeds when the opportunity arises.  Another threat, of course, 
is the Oxalis pres-caprae which is becoming more of a problem each year.  I 
uunderstand we aren't the only ones with this noxious weed.  In some places 
it is in flower already - south coast around Ierapetra.

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