looking for pre-1910 bulb books

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Wed, 23 Nov 2005 05:56:08 PST
Why not: 
- Loudons: The Ladies' Flower-Garden of Ornamental Bulbous Plants
-Step: Hardy bulbous plants Florilegium Harlemense Descriptions and life-size figures in colours of 148 varieties produced under the auspices of the general association of bulb-culturalists of Haarlem
-Botanical register
-Botanist's repository

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Subject : [pbs] looking for pre-1910 bulb books

> I'm looking for suggestions for historically important, beautifully
> illustrated pre-1910 books. Here's why.
> I've been asked to curate an exhibit in the William D. Rondina and
> Giovanni Foroni LoFaro Gallery of the New York Botanical Garden's
> LuEsther T. Mertz Library. Opening October 6, 2006, the topic is -
> drumroll please - bulbs. The working title is World of Bulbs. The theme 
> I've decided upon is Bulbs Around the World, At Home in the Garden. I 
> get to search through the stacks, the rare book room, their collection 
> of nursery catalogs, periodicals, request loans of material from other 
> institutions
> . . .
> Guidelines: pre-1910, and no photographs. There are several books I know 
> for sure I want to include - Priscilla Susan Falkner Bury's A selection 
> of hexandrian plants, 1831 - 1834. There's a crinum so beautiful it 
> would make you sigh in delight. The library has 7 of the 8 volumes of 
> Redoute's Les liliacees, and I can use any except the two volumes in the 
> current exhibit. I want to display their copy of Besler's Hortus 
> eystettenis of 1613, great audience recognition factor, even if it is 
> that great big sunflower on tea towels and place mats.
> My goal is to present bulbs as world-wide, opening the doors beyond the
> "Holland bulbs are here" syndrome. Offer a horticultural aspect - bulbs
> are for planting. Here's where catalogs fit in. Maybe a herbarium sheet
> or two.
> There are 7 main display cases against the walls, and 3 in the center. 
> "Loose" material can be framed and hung on the walls. The exhibit will 
> display 60 to 65 volumes.
> So, my knowledgeable cohorts in the PBS - any good 15th century up to
> 1910 books you want to suggest?
> Judy, brimming over with excitement and enthusiasm
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