Saffron - rejected messages

Brook Klehm
Mon, 31 Oct 2005 23:14:34 PST
Hello All,
I've just taken the time to read all the Saffron posts that started (on 
my computer) at 4:51 yesterday evening and are last noted at 9:12 this 
evening.  What a wonderful and fascinating exploration of a subject, 
from the ridiculous to the delicious!  (I should state that I enjoyed 
the ridiculous as much as the delicious posts)  This has been a 
fascinating, international, stream of consciousness compendium of 
personal, academic, historic, culinary, horticultural, and botanical 
riffs on the general subject of an autumn blooming Crocus.  Totally 


Brook Klehm (Seattle, where the Crocus sativus are blooming 
enthusiastically in the community garden just to the south of my new 

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