Nerine sarniensis

Alberto Castillo
Sun, 06 Nov 2005 08:39:17 PST
    May I mention that what Sir Peter actually said was that he had strong 
suspicions that high doses fertilizers (like many growers do: "I usually 
spread a handful of whatever available, when I remember") particularly those 
that are suitable for crop production were a main factor in the appearance 
of virus symptoms in Nerines. Hence he relied to minimum fertilizing. High 
nitrogen fertilizers attract more virus spreading insects to plants than no 
fertilizer or no nitrogen at all. Sir Peter was right in his observations 
but fertilizers properly balanced for African violets or tomatoes are very 
good for bulbs, providing care is given to theri particular needs. Note that 
serious growers like Brian Whyer use doses that resemble more and more what 
the plants actually obtain from the soil naturally.
And Diane, if you water you leach and with time your plants starve and have 
no additonal reserves to produce flowers. Curiously, results after you start 
fertilizing again will be spectacular. Most people will deduce that heavy 
fertilization is the best since the plants responded so well to small doses. 
But, the plants were only just below ideal conditions.


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