double amaryllis

Dell Sherk
Sun, 20 Nov 2005 14:48:00 PST
I got seed from crosses using pollen from the double 'Jewel' They haven't
bloomed yet so I don't know if they are really crosses. There were true
anthers visible but no pistil that I could find.


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On 20 Nov 05 at 17:36, Carol Jensen wrote:

> My cut flower has faded. I have been poking around for days
> trying to find pistil, etc., but it seems that the double
> amaryllis is lacking the seed-making apparatus. Is this
> possible?

Doubling of flowers often involves the conversion of the sexual 
organs into petaloid forms.

However, if you keep close watch, you *may* find some pollen, 
perhaps on the edge of a "petal", perhaps deeper down in the 
flower; the conversion is not always perfect.

Florence Bellis, the great primrose breeder, used pollen from 
double forms to carry out her work. I think there's an account 
of this in her book "Gardening and Beyond".

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