Archives, and Lillium formosum
Thu, 10 Nov 2005 13:51:28 PST
Hi Gang,

First, let me congratulate you all on the considerable body of knowledge that 
you provide for the world.  I read the archives when I have time or a 
specific question, and I find the collective information to be very useful and 

Secondly, I have about a zillion seeds of Lilium formosum.  They are yours 
for the asking and for a S.A.S.E. with at least 50 cents USA postage.  If you 
live outside of the USA, you should check with me to see if I can mail to you.

I got the seedlings 2-3 years ago, from an email gardening contact in 
Missouri.  They survived my typical mistreatment and after a year in a 1-gallon can I 
planted them out into the garden where they flourished.  One plant bloomed 
last year but did not set seed.  This year both bloomed and both set seed, lots 
of seed.

I have the form that is probably considered typical, or average.  It is white 
and pretty, and can get tall.  However, mine have not exceeded 5-ft-tall yet. 
 They are sort of evergreen in mild winters, but stems that have flowered do 
die back.  They seem impervious to everything but wild animals and high wind.  

If anyone has a pink- or green-colored form, or something similar (a related 
species?) that is also so durable, please let me know if you are willing to 
arrange a trade.  

Please write to me separately if you want seed; I have enough seed for many 
requests (many, many requests).   They are free for the S.A.S.E., no obligation 
on your part.  


Conroe Joe
Warm now here near Houston, TX,  days in the 80s and humid too.

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