Gerald Durrell's Corfu

julia feise
Fri, 04 Nov 2005 09:56:08 PST
Thank you for the information regarding the cyclamen mentioned in My Family 
and Other Animals - forty years is a long time ago and, although the image 
of the flowers has dimmed somewhat, the memory of the pleasure of finding 
them remains.  For those who haven't read Durrell's books on Corfu, they are 
a pleasure waiting to be discovered.  The BBC made a TV series of the books 
some years ago, but to my mind it was very disappointing.

We haven't photos of Paeonia clusii or the three (or four depending who you 
read!) tulips which grow on Crete for the simple reason that we haven't 
actually found them yet.  All sources say that these bloom mainly in the 
west and we are in the east - having said that a Greek amateur botanist 
friend who lives all year on the Katharo Plateau knows where they grow only 
30 mins drive from us.  Needless to say we will be up there armed with our 
cameras as soon as he spots the first blooms - I have to be patient until 
Easter at least.

We have lots of pictures of Mediterranean bulbs in our archive - when we 
have worked out the 'wiki' we will post the best for your enjoyment!

Julia Feise

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