An Allium to eat?

Thu, 03 Nov 2005 11:26:31 PST
i have had rakkyo, they are usually pickled sweet. 
the flavor is very mild.

my mom has in the past sauteed garlic stems or
sprouts, they are wonderfully flavored, spicy.  but
now i'm wondering which species they really were.  

i feel sometimes that we should start a list just for

tsuh yang

--- Jim McKenney <> wrote:
> That's not much of a description to go on. But
> assuming it was not one of
> the many forms of the Allium cepa (including A.
> ascalonicum), A. sativum or
> A. fistulosum, it might be A. chinense, widely known
> by its Japanese name,
> rakkyo. In Japan and Korea it's apparently eaten
> mostly pickled.
> If you Google rakkyo, you'll discover that it is
> being promoted here and
> there as a potentially valuable new crop in some
> western countries. 
> The taste is described as a blend of onion and
> garlic, and one source
> described it as "delightfully crisp" or something
> like that.  

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