Muriate of Potash

Alberto Castillo
Tue, 08 Nov 2005 08:33:56 PST

"Who has specific information on Potassium Sulphate and its use?"

The use of potassium sulphate has been discussed previously not many months 
ago in this same forum. It is suprising that it has been brought forward as 
something new but it has been used for long by holders of bulb collections. 
Ian Wilson is who has been recommending its use of late but Patrick M. 
Synge, Harry Hay, Brian Mathew are only a few of those who use or used it. I 
have used it for over three decades with great results. As for granite top 
dressing providing nutrients to plants it could be 10,000 
years. It is often mentioned that potassium is present in granite and that 
it should accordingly be of benefit to certain plants. But granite is 
insoluble: it would take eons for root plants to extract them from rocks. 
Reduced to a powder the surface to be attacked by acids to make them soluble 
would increase but yet it is unlikely that part of it would dissolve within 
useful periods.


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