Peruvian daffodil - Ismene?

James Waddick
Wed, 09 Nov 2005 12:29:27 PST
Dear All;
	When Jim M wrote"
>Fred Biasella wrote : "This is a rather old cultivar that I've been growing
>for more than 20 years"
>Fred, I really perked up when you said your Hymenocallis is "a rather old

	That was the Hymenocallis I referred to in the first line of 
my note on wintering. Like Jim Mc I grew it by the tub and simply 
threw them in the basement until spring came. They multiplied like 
crazy and everyone who ever wanted any had it in the neighborhood.

	Unlike Jim Mc I have kept that close attention to it and just 
assumed it was the same as one of the named forms now around like 
'Yellow Queen" (as I said).

	I bet some 'little old lady in Pasadena' has a garden full of 
them. If she's like I was I was wondering who I could talk into a 
shoe box full this time of year.

	What IS THE SCOOP on this old, but maybe not such a, standby ?

		Best	Jim W.
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