Iris orientalis (ochroleuca)

Adam Fikso
Fri, 11 Nov 2005 08:36:51 PST
Hello Alberto.  My orientalis are semi-dormant and without leaves at this 
time of year.  Much depends on growing conditions.  This is a very tough 
iris which will grow in brackish water up to about 2 inches deep and in 
periodically wet areas which become bone-dry in the summer.  Roots go down 
about 18 -24 inches  They're heavy feeders, but not particular about soil . 
There is one caveat.  They must not be allowed to dry out, This may seem 
like a contradiction to what I said above where I noted they they can 
survive in bone-dry condtions,  However, when they are growing and are 
undisturbed, there is almost always enough water in molecular form to 
sustain the feeding roots which may be  two feet down.  If, however,one digs 
this plant and attempts to transplant it, it will die, especially if the 
infinitesimal feeder roots are cut off or broken.  This is  why Spuria 
growers are reluctant to ship if the rhizomes are  not going into active 
growth or cannot be kept moist until being replanted. 

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