Champagne Crinum Hybrids
Tue, 22 Nov 2005 14:01:33 PST
Champange Crinum

Hi Gang,

It has taken me forever to get the Web page up regarding a new color variety 
of Crinum.  The color was created by Marcelle Sheppard, in Vidor, TX.  She 
started by crossing C. bulbispermum 'Alba' with a yellow form of C. flaccidum.  

It is hard to describe the color of the Champagne Crinum flowers.  Some 
progeny are nearly pale-pink with just a hint of the "champagne" sparkle.  Some are 
even more pale pink but are suffused with a golden undertone; the best 
progeny have a special sparkle or brightness about their petals when the light is 
good.  All of the Champagne hybrids that I know about have a green throat and 
good, robust growth like C. bulbisperumum.  They are not as blue in the foliage 
as C. bulbispermum.  

If you go to the link below you can see the photos of two Champagne hybrids.  
Only one photo captures the golden glow characteristic of these hybrids.  

LINK:  Crinum 'Champagne' Hybrids   


Conroe Joe
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