Muscari 'Saffier'
Fri, 18 Nov 2005 06:35:56 PST
I got bulbs of Muscari 'Saffier' from Holland a couple of years ago and they
are the lovely tall clone with unopening flowers that features on the
Muscaripages site. The flowers are mid-blue with a green apex. I think the
picture on that site shows plants that have been drawn a little, as I don't
recall mine being quite so elongated, but here I may be wrong. It is
certainly one of the nicest and most distinct grape hyacinths and has the
advantage of not seeding.

John Grimshaw

Dr John M. Grimshaw
Garden Manager, Colesbourne Gardens

Sycamore Cottage
Nr Cheltenham
Gloucestershire GL53 9NP

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> Has anyone else ordered this commercial 'Saffier' and gotten the
> looking one? I'm getting that feeling that I am going to be disappointed
> next April. Is anyone other than Martin growing this interesting-looking
> one?
> Jim McKenney

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