Advice on Pancratium maritimum

Sat, 19 Nov 2005 09:19:00 PST
I can't help a lot but I am trying to grow it here in the UK and currently
have it deep in a large pot of mainly vermiculite with some compost at the
bottom. So far the shoot I have is doing fine even in our current very cold
weather. (But I am protecting it from frost of course.)

I have seen it growing on our south coast (one UK location - thought to have
been "planted" by a botanist but it is persisting) and it was right on the
tide line where it bound to get regular salt water drenches.

I understand that the bulbs grow naturally very deep - but I presume above
the water table and "very long roots" keep the plant in water even in hot
dry summers. So I presume these roots must be getting down to a distinctly
brackish water table.

Difficult to simulate...

Hope this helps.


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