ATT: Int'l Members of PBS

Cathy Craig
Sun, 06 Nov 2005 09:41:16 PST
Hi all,

Current newsletter is going out to Int'l Members Monday Nov 7 VIA AIR MAIL. 
There is an interesting article by Charles Hardman on Long-Blooming Bulbs 
and a beautiful book review of Brian Mathew's "Cyclamen of Turkey" reviewed 
by Trevor Wiltshire. Also lots of PBS news inside. Enjoy!

Your MEMBERSHIP EXPIRATION date is on your newsletter and also on the 
outside of the mailing envelope.

All memberships expire Dec 31. Most expire in 2005 (or 31/12/05 depending on 
where you live).

Int'l members: Dues are $25.00 and go to:

Pat Colville - Memberships
1555 Washburn Road
Pasadena  CA  91105  USA

We will have one more newsletter coming out this year.

Thanks everyone!

Cathy Craig EA
Taxation & Asset Management
(949) 369-8588 Ofc
(949) 939-7801 Cell

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