growing and flowering times

Hans und Babs Joschko
Mon, 07 Nov 2005 05:39:13 PST
Hi all ,

Regards the discussion in last time here are some minds from me .
I believe it's must give two pattern for the growing -  and flowering times
1. One is depending from length of the days , more watering , more warm and
other points .
2. The other must be genetic fixed .
Here are some exemples :
Paeonia californica - this is for me a wintergrowing species -these plants
are green in the winter by me , differently all my other peonies .
Paeonia rhodia - in Rhodes they will grow on the beginn of spring - they
start with growing here in my garden now always in this time . ( and this is
a really problem for me )
Paeonia clusii - from Crete - they start in Crete depending from the
altitude - I saw this plants by my visit on Easter 2000:
Plants from 400 m : plants more or less finished with flowering
Plants from 600 m: plant flowers
Plants from 900 m : plants in buds
Plants from 1100 m : shoots came from the ground
In my garden they start in February - March .
A other example are Cacti - the most have changed here her growing cyrcle
from the southern hemisphere to the northern ,
but here also some exeption ( p.E. Matucana ).
In my greenhouse I have a lot of Cacti from South America , it is
interesting : Always if the species are near related so they flowering to
the same time - so it is sometime possibly to see for new species in which
relation ship they are .
I agree with Paul that the role of the pollinators is importend :
So I have saw ( by Cacti ) that is depending from the altitude the color of
the flowers - by some genus of Cacti
( p.E. Rebutia ) change the colors from red to yellow - after my
informations are in the higher altitudes few pollinators - so the yellow
color must be a better sign .
But it is not always the same scheme - I think we will never all understand
what "Mother Nature " makes .
As we in Germany say :
" What is first ? - the chicken or the egg "
I would be glad to receive some opinions to my ideas .

With best wishes

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