winter garlic; was RE: all allium to eat?

Linda Foulis
Wed, 02 Nov 2005 13:56:58 PST
See one learns something new every day.  I was going to look up sativum just
to see if I did know what I was talking about.   Hmmm, guess not.  After
doing a google on Allium ampeloprasum/Allium porrum group, I would say that
is not what I have.…  I have posted 3
pictures of what I do have.  The papery coating on the end splits open to
reveal the developing bulbils.  I'm assuming that's what they're called.
There is no seed development at all.  The bulbils are also pictured.  The
part that I eat is underground.  It's a bulb (one bulb at this point and not
a clove) at one year about the size of a quarter or even a loonie, or
something understood world wide, a bit smaller than a golf ball!  I prefer
them at this point, at two years they start to separate into cloves and I
find them a bit woodier, like an older radish.  I've never left it in longer
than 2 years, we consume all of them if they're there.
Although I'm starting to wonder what it is I'm eating??

These came from my Mother's garden in Manitoba where she has grown it for
years.  For the life of me though, I can not recall if there is a flower or
not.  If it were an allium, would there not be a flower prior to the bulbil?

I have loads of these bulbils, should I try sending some to Dell for
distribution?  It would be a test to see if they'll make it across the
border though, especially not knowing exactly what they are?

Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

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