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Judy Glattstein jglatt@ptd.net
Wed, 23 Nov 2005 10:44:38 PST
Many thanks for the prompt replies and suggestions offered in response 
to my request. I'll be at the NYBG Library next Tuesday and Thursday, 
and will see which of the books mentioned are in their collections. The 
first ten books need to be chosen and images selected before December 
6th when a photographer will arrive. These will be used for preliminary 

Besides the 1910 cut-off date I was given (and I imagine there's a 
modicum of flexibility in this) other limits are - the Leiden exhibit 
opens in a few months, so restrictions on Clusius and tulips. However 
the woodcut of Acis (= Leucojum) vernum, pl. 149 in /Rariorum aliquot 
stirpium per Pannoniam/, published in Antwerp in 1583 would be O.K. for 
the Bulb exhibition. (And in this book it's called Leucoium bulbosum.) 
There is a planned exhibition on Japan after the bulb exhibition closes, 
so I cannot use Von Siebold but Kaempfer and Thunberg are O.K. 
(Admittedly, that distinction puzzles me somewhat.)

The goal, obviously, is to create a lovely display that presents 
beautiful books in the Library's collection which the general public 
does not get to see, while informing them both as to the topic / theme, 
and also about the books.

John, you've mentioned many books on my preliminary working list of 9 or 
10 books but have offered excellent suggestions for many that were not. 
One that's on my list which I just have to use is Trew: /Hortus 
nitidissimus/ The illustrations are by Ehret, and his work is magnificent.

Jim, your suggestions are also right on the mark as I want to have a 
horticultural / garden aspect to this exhibition. After all, bulbs are 
for growing, correct?

Alberto, for sure I'll have to examine the /Florilegium Harlemense/.

You cannot imagine what a pleasure it is to go into the rare book room 
and be surrounded by this fabulous books, centuries old, many folios 
with the most superb illustrations. The current Redoute exhibition has a 
peony that leaps off the paper. The more I looked the deeper I could see 
into the double pink petals of the flower's heart.

Keep the suggestions coming. It's not a popularity contest and the books 
with the most votes  get into the display case. It's just that the NYBG 
library collection is so vast that any help that narrows my search, 
points me in a useful direction is very much appreciated.

Shall I post the occasional update as I move along, or is this too 

With Thanksgiving wishes for peaceful happy days in a garden of flowers.


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