Crinum macowanii hybrids, Marcelle Sheppard
Sat, 26 Nov 2005 13:36:19 PST
Hi Gang,

I've gotten another Web page finished with some nice photos of Marcelle 
Sheppard's hybrids between C. macowanii and the Rose City C. scabrum plants.

The Rose City plants may or may not be pure C. scabrum, Marcelle found 2 
different clones growing at an old schoolhouse building in Rose City, TX.  She 
found the clones years ago; the are essentially identical but she has named them 
Rose City No. 1 and Rose City No. 2, and they seem to be different in minor 
ways.  Perhaps they both derived from the same ancestral bulb and have undergone 
small somatic changes.

Marcelle has used these Rose City clones in a variety of crosses; they seem 
to be exceptionally fertile and to produce vigorous offspring.  Sometimes the 
results have been spectacular, producing plants with enormous numbers of 
flowers per scape, or with exciting hot pink coloration.  A few of the derived 
seedlings have delicate pink stripes overlain on pure white, recurving petals.  

LINK:  C. macowanii x Rose City Schoolhouse C. scabrum…  

I've been making progress and may get the Web site completed, or nearly so in 
the next month or two.  One goal I have is to document the green-flowered 
Crinum that Marcelle has created.  It has light-green flowers with darker-green 
keels.  Oddly enough, this plant derived from several backcrosses and selfing 
of C. bulbispermum Jumbo pink plants.  The starting material, some years ago 
was rose-pink but eventually threw off some whites or near whites, and now the 
line is producing green-white and greens.   


Conroe Joe
P.S. The Web site for Crinums in East Texas is hosted by (Iconics 
Dot Com).  The Web site owner is a true plant nut and has spent many hours 
designing the Web site, cropping photos, etc.  I can now see that my original goal 
of creating a Web site by myself was naive.  I don't have the time or the 

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