Growing Amaryllis under Lights

Carol Jensen
Wed, 16 Nov 2005 14:28:54 PST
At 20:20 16-11-2005, Tyson Wolfe wrote:
>  I live in a zone 4 climate but want to continue growing my amaryllis over the winter.  I have already had to move them in, of course, but what to get light on them before they begin to get leggy.  I have limited light from windows for the number that I have and was wondering what experiences others have had with growing plants under lights?  Any help would be appreciated.
>  Ty

My experience has been (for the past 10 years) that amaryllis can get along without light from the time they leave dormancy until after they have flowered.

They get SOME light, but are far from a window. Never get leggy. After flowering, I move them to a cooler room near light.

The ISMENE, on the other hand, probably needs light like mad, since it bent over horizontally last spring trying to get closer to the light. I had it on the table where I usually have my flowering amaryllis.

(Lights will make them happy, though, so go ahead!)


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