Advice on Pancratium maritimum

julia feise
Sat, 19 Nov 2005 03:43:31 PST
I have a large bulb of Pancratium maritimum which we found lying on the 
surface of the sands last year at the beach at Xerocambos in Southern Crete. 
  I brought it home with me to draw and paint in all its growth stages, so I 
potted it up on the surface of local sand from the beach.  It didn't do 
well, so I removed it to draw and then left it in my studio.  This Autumn I 
noticed that it was producing a shoot, so I have now repotted it in a deep, 
narrow terracotta pot once again in sand from the beach where the plants 
grow.  This time I planted it fairly deeply - up to the neck of the bulb.  
The new shoot has died off and it isn't producing any new growth.  Someone 
please help!!!! I really want this bulb to do well.  I keep the pot on our 
roof terrace which faces this the problem?

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