Granite as a source of micronutrients

Linda Foulis
Tue, 08 Nov 2005 21:31:23 PST
Thank you John, I was just going to google the same.  I was not doubting
what you were saying, I just couldn't see how it could be measurably
possible in a time frame that makes sense to my obviously non-scientific
mind.  I want to know why I should use something before I attempt it as
But in defense of my way of thinking, I will point out where it states 'one
application can last 10 years', 'very slow release', and 'slow release over
a long period of time'.

I am trying it for the first time, due to reading previous posts where it is
stated that the granite grit is being used as a seed starter medium.  I have
a nightmarish fungus gnat infestation happening right now and I was hoping
that using the granite grit straight would help to eliminate the gnats.  I
thought I had done my research and upon reading your post it got me thinking
enough to question.  Should have googled first!

Okotoks, AB

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